Make-up advice that makes you shine

Every face and every skin is different. Do you like make-up but don't know which make-up suits you best?

Make-up Advice

A make-up advice is exactly what you need! For many women it is difficult to choose the right products and there are also new products on the market every week. It is therefore not surprising that you may have a whole collection of make-up products, half of which are not (properly) used. In addition, some products may not suit your face, skin tone and personality. So finding beautiful makeup that suits you is an art, but you can learn it! Kristel van Heugten strives to make the most of your external beauty by giving personal make-up advice. This way you will feel beautiful inside and out.

Personalized approach

Sometimes we just need that finishing touch to look confident. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew which make-up products work well for you? Kristel van Heugten provides you with this information by means of tailor-made make-up advice. With the right make-up advice you can go in all directions, from a party / special event make-up to a natural make-up look. The advice is appropriate to your wishes and tips are also given based on your face, shape and colour.

Tips and tricks at home

Make-up is Kristel van Heugten’s specialty and she uses the best and luxurious make-up brands such as Mac Cosmetics and Make-up Forever. Time will be invested in you with great pleasure and creativity and you will be provided with practical make-up advice on a personal level in a cozy atmosphere. In an interactive way you will learn how to do your make-up step by step, which techniques suit you and all your questions will be carefully answered. This way you can easily carry out your make-up routine at home.

Book your make-up advice

Are you curious about what Kristel van Heugten can do for you? Please feel free to contact us about tailor-made make-up and make-up advice. You can fill in the contact form and possibly request a quote or view the rates.

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