Have your makeup done by a makeup artist

Do you soon have a special occasion, photoshoot or do you want to have your day or evening make-up done for prom? Then you have come to the right place at Kristel van Heugten. As a professional make-up artist, she can provide you with tips and advice about make-up on a personal level. Your make-up is applied by an experienced and creative make-up artist who takes your personal wishes and facial features into account. Based on your face, hair and skin color and personal wishes, you can have your make-up done by Kristel van Heugten and you will receive a suitable and stunning look.

Make-up care and advice

When it comes to makeup, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what goes well with your face. Make-up, when chosen with care, can do a lot for your overall appearance and accentuate your strong features. It can also smooth out imperfections and features that you want to make less noticeable. But how do you know which colours, techniques or products suit you best? You can learn more about this by having your makeup done by a professional makeup artist. Kristel van Heugten is happy to help you at a low-threshold level and show you how you can look the best.

Day make-up done by MUA Kristel

Getting your makeup done doesn’t just have to be for special occasions, events or parties. If you would like to know which neutral and everyday make-up look suits you best, you can always contact Kristel van HeugtenShe is characterized by her flexible and creative character and is always aware of the latest trends and techniques. This allows her to provide you with appropriate advice and apply your make-up in a way that you can easily learn at home. This way you will know how to look your best every day in the future!

Are you interested and would you like to have your make-up done by professional makeup artist Kristel van Heugten? You can contact us by filling in the contact form or of course by calling us. For more information about prices and services, please visit this website, or request a quote.

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