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Why go out when you can have your make-up done at home?

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There are several times when a make-up artist at home or a make-up artist on location comes in handy. When you get married, it is of course wonderful to get ready in the comfort of your own home. When the make-up artist comes to your home, you can relax a bit more! Photoshoots and fashion shows must also be prepared on location, it is useful when the make-up artist is present to do any touch-ups. From bridal makeup in Ballarat to photo shoots in Geelong: Kristel van Heugten can take care of it all.

About make-up artist Kristel

Kristel has been fascinated by makeup from a young age and decided to make it her job. She has gained a lot of experience as a make-up artist, also as a make-up artist on location, for example at photoshoots and fashion shows. Due to her excellent knowledge of airbrush make-up, she can guarantee flawless results on almost every skin. As a make-up artist at home, she takes her high-quality make-up products to any desired location to ensure a perfect look.

Make-up at home for your wedding

As a make-up artist at home, you can have Kristel do your makeup in the comfort of your own home. This lowers the stress and increases the enjoyment on this special day! Of course, a test make-up session is also planned, possibly based on make-up at the desired location. If you are interested in this, you can easily contact Kristel via the contact form on this website. As a professional make-up artist, Kristel’s goal is to provide a perfect, appropriate, flawless, beautiful and possibly edgy make-up that fully meets your wishes. Make your wishes known and be surprised by the many possibilities. Make-up at home is top-notch when you work with Kristel van Heugten MUA. From make-up in Ballarat to bridal make-up on location: Kristel is the professional make-up artist you can rely on.

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