An appropriate make-up colour advice

Make-up is used by many women almost every day because it accentuates the beautiful facial features. In addition, you can also use make-up to camouflage certain aspects – such as scars. For an extra beautiful effect, you want natural make-up that stays in place and fits perfectly with your skin colour. With make-up color advice you will learn to choose the right colour tones that make your skin look fresher providing an extra natural and beautiful result. This way you are assured that your appearance is optimal and that your beautiful facial features are emphasised in the right way.

Customized colour analysis

Each colour has a different property and the combination different colours is important when using make-up. In addition, everyone is unique and it’s important that these colours suit you are used. Kristel van Heugten can determine your colour type based on your skin for make-up. This is done on the basis of pigment colour, hair colour, eye colour and the shape of your face. Make-up artist Kristel van Heugten can provide you with appropriate make-up colour advice and let you discover colours that matches your personality and makes you shine.

Colour advice and techniques

With Kristel van Heugten’s make-up colour advice, you will also learn how to best apply your make-up. This ensures that you can create a flawless look regardless of whether you choose a natural nude look or a real party look. The possibilities are endless and the result is always of the highest quality. 

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