Bridal make-up by Kristel van Heugten MUA

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable and beautiful days of your life and Kristel will provide the best level of application standards.

Offering beautiful, long-stay bridal make-up, you and your partner will have beautiful videos and photos captured on your special day for all eternity.

A bridal make-up at its finest

Make-up can accentuate natural beauty and create a perfectly flawless look. Do you want a natural look or do you prefer a more glamourous make-up at the most memorable day of your life

For example, a smokey eye and a red lipstick? Whatever style you prefer, make-up artist Kristel van Heugten can provide you with appropriate advice in the field of products and colours. In addition, on this important day she can create the bridal make-up for you that best suits your appearance, hairstyle and dress.

Trial session bridal make-up

First experience how this makeup feels on your skin and choose what you like best with your face and bridal? Approximately 6-8 weeks before your special day you will receive a trial bridal make-up session. So that you know exactly how you will look and what to expect at your wedding! 

Once you’re completely happy with the look, we will apply the bridal make-up on wedding day at your preferred location.  

Bridal make-up that stays beautiful all day long

Kristel works with the very best high end products that will make sure you don’t have to worry about any fading throughout the day. She will be available for any touch-ups before your wedding party. Rest assured Kristel van Heugten is happy to be at your side to provide a flawless application so you look at your absolute best for your dream wedding.  

Airbrush make-up

Kristel van Heugten works with an airbrush system from Dinair. Why? Because you will not feel the make-up, but you will have a beautiful result all day long. You get a natural, flawless, feather-light, waterproof bridal make-up that stays in place all day long.


bridal make-up kristel van heugten mua

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