Bridal make-up on location

Wedding day

The most beautiful day of your life naturally includes the perfect wedding dress, a beautifully styled haircut with appropriate and well-maintained bridal make-up. Kristel van Heugten is a skilled make-up professional with over 10 years of experience. When you tell her your personal wishes and needs, she will show you the options. In addition, Kristel van Heugten is characterized by working in a flexible and creative way. To make this day run as smoothly as possible for you, Kristel likes to work at your home or on your preferred location. This way, your bridal make-up is taken care of within a familiar atmosphere and your planning won’t be disrupted.

The desired look

Before your wedding day, a day is planned together with Kristel van Heugten in which the desired make-up look will be tested. This can also be done at your home. This way you know in advance what your makeup will look like during the wedding and you can still pass on certain preferences and adjustments. You can also experiment with different types of make-up looks on this day if you are not yet sure what you want. This is done on the basis of a color analysis and based on the color and style. On the day of your wedding, Kristel will take care of your bridal make-up at home and create the desired look without any suprises!

Bridal make-up on location that stays on all day

What is important with bridal makeup is that it stays in place all day. In addition, the (base) make-up must be suitable for the day and for any party in the evening. Kristel van Heugten therefore works on a flexible basis and with Dinair’s airbrush system. This ensures that your bridal make-up is done at home, but that it remains effortless throughout the day. For changes to your make-up on your wedding day, Kristel van Heugten can adjust the bridal make-up at home for photos or the party. Do you have your wedding in the planning phase and would you like to have your make-up taken care of by a professional make-up artist? Kristel van Heugten can provide you with beautiful bridal make-up at home and takes your personal needs into account. For more information or a quote, please fill out the contact form or view the prices on this website.

Bridal make up on location
Bridal make up on location