Airbrush make-up

Airbrush make-up is a new development in the field of make-up. Airbrush is popular because of the flawless result as the make-up stays on for longer.

Airbrush make-up

A wedding day that lasts from morning to night is no problem with airbrush make-up. This technique is very suitable for outdoor photo shoots as it’s waterproof. It will easily last all day, without you or a make-up artist having to touch up the make-up.

Coverage airbrush make-up

When applying, liquid make-up is applied to the face with a small device using air pressure. As the liquid make-up is sprayed on as a mist instead of lubricated, it ends up super even on the face. The result: feather-light yet optimal coverage. Airbrush make-up is kind of an editing filter, but real life. Doing your make-up with these products ensures a beautiful and even result, that can be as opaque as you want. Airbrush can easily be applied in several refined layers, so that a desired degree of coverage can be created.

In addition to foundation, airbrushing can also be used for:

  • blush
  • eye shadow
  • lipstick

Other advantages of make-up with airbrush technique are that it’s very hygienic as no fingers, brushes and sponges are needed.
The make-up is even, which makes it look very natural and smooth despite the good coverage and beautiful complexion. Do you have impurities and pigment spots? These become invisible with airbrush application.

Ideal for weddings, photoshoots, catwalk shows and presentations

As airbrush make-up ensures naturally beautiful, even and smooth result so well and for a long time, it’s ideal for bridal make-up, photoshoots, catwalk shows and presentations. 

Do you also want to look radiant with feather-light make-up that stays beautiful all day long? Contact Kristel for advice and the possibilities!

airbrush make-up